World Tuscan Houses builds and restructures your Tuscan style farmhouse in Tuscany or anywhere in the world using exclusively original materials and authentic designs.

The Tuscan-style farmhouse in any part of the world!

The Tuscan-style farmhouse embodies many people’s aspiration to follow a quality lifestyle, away from today’s frantic pace of city life, and therefore can savour every single moment they have to spend in such a House, along with their family.

This is the reason why WTH was born. At World Tuscan Houses we design and realize a different way of living following the Tuscan style including its magnificent architecture full of elegant simplicity, its perpetual contact with nature and its inevitable nostalgic memories.

The Tuscan-style farmhouse, is a house built with a great deal of manual ability, with a strong structure and living sense. Every detail, has particular and simple elements, making up a specific whole that is steeped in history and conveys intense and unique feelings.

This House does not fall within the fashionable category. This House has a long history before it. It is not a temporary and easily replaceable dwelling, on the contrary, it is a completely natural House built using the best plant-engineering technologies that respect natural energy sources. The Tuscan House is a home for life.

Whoever wants to live in this new dimension, will discover a peaceful and calm atmosphere, as witnessed by this presentation. You will also find useful suggestions to help you envision your dream of living in a Tuscan House.

Archt. Michele Liberatori
World Tuscan Houses President

Only reclaimed materials from old Tuscan-style farmhouses


To build, restructure or refurbish Tuscan style farmhouses, WTH uses only original materials (flagstone paving, terracotta-tiled floors, wood beams and any other old or salvaged material) that are suitable for construction along with the best plant-engineering technologies available on the world market, in order to guarantee maximum comfort, heating efficiency, energy savings, domotics, active and passive safety, structural safety, ecological design and environmental sustainability.

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The Project

Not only will our architectural project reflect the
typical features and logic of the Tuscan-style farmhouse,
but it will also be tailored to any personal request
as well as to the landscape context to which it will be
inserted, thus creating an exceptional, personalised and
unique “object” for every client.

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The Tuscan-style farmhouse: its origins

The Tuscan-style farmhouse: its origins

The most striking aspect of the Tuscan Farmhouse is its history, dating back to 1770, when a treatise by Ferdinando Morozzi titled: “La casa dè contadini” was first published by Cambiagi publishing company in Florence. The book describes all construction techniques needed to build an authentic Tuscan farmhouse properly, and states: “The Tuscan-style farmhouse is the most beautiful type of house that mankind has ever conceived..”

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The Tuscan-style farmhouse:  a life choice

The Tuscan-style farmhouse: a life choice

Living your life in a Tuscan style farmhouse is an important choice that involves your whole family and requires great sensibility along with a strong desire for a healthy and pure lifestyle, constantly in direct contact with the natural environment.

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Is a Tuscan-style farmhouse able to convey feelings?


Those who live in a Tuscan style Farmhouse experience completely different feelings to those living in any other kind of house. The Tuscan Farmhouse conveys a sense of peace, brightness and tranquillity.
Due to the absolute originality of its materials, it allows a natural flow of fresh air and to feel immersed in a natural context.

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The Tuscan-style farmhouse in the world: how it is built


An accurate morphological analysis of the grounds will guarantee the best location of the House. The House typology will be determined with due consideration to the surrounding environment, the family needs, the desired indoor-outdoor inter-relation. Other elements that will receive particular planning attention are the room groupings and the sleeping/living area ratio, which will comply with functional and distribution parameters. Finally, volumetric proportions, emotional spaces, relaxation, working, private and security areas will be identified.

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